About Us

In these times of exponential technological advances across the globes and high competition, quality education has become the need of the hour. Focus should be on shaping the young minds to develop Critical, logical and analytical thinking known as Higher order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.s). These are going to be the crucial competencies for the future for the millennials.

Albert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of Facts, But Training the Mind to Think.”

Global Olympiads Academy has been established with the objectives of:

Igniting the interest and removing the fear towards Mathematics and problem solving within our students in India. We bring International Exposure for self-analysis and motivation in form of world class global contests and learning events. We also bring the best of online learning resources for exercising and strengthening their interest in studies to improve their knowledge and intellect. This is required to equip them for the highly sought after 21st century competencies like real world problem solving and critical thinking.

International Contests Exposure: Providing best of academic and cultural exposure from the globe by bringing on-going international world class mathematical and other educational Olympiads meant for training and testing students’ problem-solving skills, as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). We recognize the vast pool of talented and intellectual students present in our country and are excited to be able to challenge them with different International competitions and opportunities.

Learning resources: Providing ample resources for concepts and application practice for students to sharpen their problem solving and thereby constantly building their higher order thinking skills (HOTS). This will not only give them opportunity to experience the best of Global learning resources but will also help them build a strong foundation and obtain mastery of a subject. This will help them to excel in academics, become more independent in their academic pursuit and grow into a well-rounded Individual, both professionally and personally.

Build a Community: We know we need the support of like-minded people from all walks of life, students, teachers, schools, professionals who need to recognize the need of education which trains the young mind to think, gives more emphasis on understanding and application than just rote memorization of concepts. We look forward to share ideas, engage and work with people and organizations who believe in our cause. You can participate, contribute and support by joining our community. 

Our International Associations / Partners:

Our association is with some of the best international competition and education festivals organizers from South East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong etc.) and United States who have the same philosophy and vision.

  • We are Mumbai partners with Singapore International Math Contests Centre (SIMCC – www.simcc.org) from Singapore.
  • We are exclusive India partners with Olympiad Champion Education Centre who are organizers of Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO – www.thaiimo.com), Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO – www.hongkongimo.com) and World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO – www.worldimo.org).
  • We are also India partners for Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO – www.aimo.world)from Hong Kong.
  • We are soon going to get team-based competitions World Mathematics Championships by Competition Academy (www.competition.ac) from Singapore to India as well.

Our Partners :



Our Journey:
Global Olympiads Academy has organized SASMO, VANDA and TIMO Heats this year in Mumbai and Delhi.
Some winners from SASMO also to SIMOC in Singapore and IJMO in Thailand and won laurels for themselves, their schools and the country.


Some Participating School Partners:

  • Aditya Birla World Academy
  • Oberoi International School
  • Euro School
  • Bombay International School
  • Sri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon
  • DPS Faridabad
  • JBCN International
  • Ryan Global
  • Pinnacle High International School

Some winners from SASMO also went for SIMOC in Singapore and IJMO in Thailand and won laurels for themselves, their schools and the country.

Learning Support:
We will be also supporting schools in conducting after or during school Math Festivals and we have partnered with Julia Robinson Math Festival for that (www.jrmf.org). We also run Singapore Math based problem solving problem learning program in Mumbai for primary and lower secondary kids called Junior Mathletics Club for schools.


The Global Olympiads Academy has equipped my child with world class mathematical skills in terms of higher order problem solving and critical thinking. It has also given my son the opportunity to compete in various Olympiad exams with like-minded math enthusiasts from other countries. Bringing all these international math Olympiad contests to India under one roof is what I would like to credit Debraj. Also, his enthusiasm and eagerness to motivate children to reach their higher potential in mathematics. Keep it up Global Olympiads Academy!

Arthi Basak- mother of Aditya Basak

Bombay International School

SIMOC & IJMO were one of the best developmental experiences our son had. With this he got opportunity to connect with kids from various other countries and understand their methodology to solve a problem. He got to learn a lot during both of these assessment tours. Their mentor Mr. Debraj ensured they are well prepared and gave enough study followups to their learning curiosity.


EuroSchool, Airoli