International Math Olympiads Preparation Training

Global Olympiads Academy brings to you a training program for younger kids (grade 1 to grade 6) for International Olympiads like SASMO, ISMC, SEAMO, AIMO, TIMO, HKIMO,  and Global Math Enrichment Program.

AIMO Orientation Training

Global Olympiads Academy is glad to offer an Online Orientation Training to its Primary grades’ participants (Grade 2 to 6) for upcoming AIMO (ASIA International Mathematical Olympiad) Trials round Competition being held in India in May-June.

International Olympiads

Asia International Mathematical Olympiad


Grade: 2 to 12 (2019-20)

AIMO Trials

Location: Online from home under remote proctoring

When: Any Weekend between mid April and June 1st week.

Registrations Open Now

Registrations Last Date : May 31, 2020


International Singapore Maths Competition


Grade: 2 to 6 (2019 -20)

Contest on: Schools Can conduct in June anytime.

At our centers in 3rd or 4th Saturday.

Location: Pinnacle High Intl. School, Malad, Mumbai (or your Own school if your school is conducting it.

Registrations Open Now.

Last Date of Registrations:  May 31,2020



Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad


Grade: KG to 12 (2019-20)

HKIMO Trials – 2019-20

Location:  Online from Home

Dates : Any Weekend between April end – June end  2020.

Registrations Open Now.

 Last Date of Registrations: 31 May 2020. 

Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad


TIMO  2019-20 Finals Round

(TIMO 2019-20 Heats Round over and results are out).

Grade: Senior KG to 12 (Current Academic Year 2019-20)

Eligibility:  Students with Gold / Silver or Bronze Awards in Heats round only are eligible to apply.

Check your Heats Round Results here. 

Registration Closed.


Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad


Grade: 2 to 12 (2019-20)

Location: At Participating Schools (during 3rd or 4th week of June) and our centers in Mumbai and other cities (to be finalized) on 3rd or 4th Saturday of June 2020. 

Registrations Open Now.

Last Date of Registration:  April 15, 2020

International Science Olympiad


Grade: 3 to 11 (2019-20)

Dates:  In June 3rd/4th Saturday of April 2020 at our center(s) in Mumbai (To be finalized and announced later.  Participating schools to conduct between 3rd and 4th Saturday of June 2020.

Registrations Open Now.

Last Date of Registration:  April 15, 2020


Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge

8 2019-20

Grade: 2 to 11

Contest on November 20-24 2020 (Only for SASMO Gold/Silver /Bronze Award Winners)

Location: Singapore

Registrations to Open after SASMO results 2019-20 results in July 2020.



International Junior Math Olympiad


Grade: 2 to 11 (2019-20)

Contest on November 20-24, 2020 (Only for SASMO Gold and Silver Medal Winners)

Location: To be Decided.

Registrations to Open after SASMO and Vanda 2019-20 results in July 2020.




Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad


Grade: 1 to 12 (2020-21)

Contest Dates: In Sept/Oct 2020

At Participating Schools : Offline at Sept/Oct 2020

Private Students: Online in Sept/Oct 2020

G.O.A Centre (To be annouced later) – Sept/Oct 2020

Registrations to begin by July/August 2020


Why Global Olympiad Academy

In these times of exponential technological advances across the globes and high competition, quality education has become the need of the hour. Focus should be on shaping the young minds to develop Critical, logical and analytical thinking known as Higher order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.s). These are going to be the crucial competencies for the future for the millennials.

Albert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of Facts, But Training the Mind to Think.”

Global Olympiads Academy has been established with the objectives of: 

Igniting the interest and removing the fear towards Mathematics and problem solving within our students in India. We bring International Exposure for self-analysis and motivation in form of world class global contests and learning events. We also bring the best of online learning resources for exercising and strengthening their interest in studies to improve their knowledge and intellect. This is required to equip them for the highly sought after 21st century competencies like real world problem solving and critical thinking.

International Contests Exposure: Providing best of academic and cultural exposure from the globe by bringing on-going international world class mathematical and other educational Olympiads meant for training and testing students’ problem-solving skills, as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). We recognize the vast pool of talented and intellectual students present in our country and are excited to be able to challenge them with different International competitions and opportunities.