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Global Olympiads Academy’s purpose is to ignite children’s interest in Maths and love for Problem Solving  by improving their  Higher Order, Logical and Analytical thinking Skills resulting in better academic performance, intellectual and personal development.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think” – Albert Einstein.

Now, Global Olympiads Academy launches it’s own International Mathematics contests Global Junior Math Aptitude Test (GJMAT)” and “Global Junior Math Online Competition (GJMOC).”

GJMAT is an Online International Mathematical aptitude assessment and competition for talent hunt and GJMOC is a International Global Online Olympiad Competition for elementary and middle school students from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

These competition’s objective is to introduce and give exposure to students on the core purpose of learning mathematics, which is develop logical & critical thinking and problem-solving mindset and attitude.

“Problem solving should be the heart, core and main focus of learning mathematics.”

These contests are of international standards and with our experience of organising so many reputed International contests, we have come up with our own contest to promote the love of Mathematics in foundation years for younger kids.  These contests are available in India and a few countries from Asia and worldwide.  The competitions are inspired and supported by academicians and experts from around the globe.

Why Mathematics at an early age?

“Mathematics is an excellent vehicle, not a destination, to develop and improve the intellectual competencies / capabilities of our children.”

Math is a very sequentially linked subject and therefore foundational years are very critical.  Students must understand that mere rote learning of concepts and mathematical procedures does not develop mathematical and analytical acumen.  To develop mastery and comfort in mathematical problem-solving, one must get early exposure to quality mathematical problems which challenge conceptual understanding, application ability and their higher order thinking skills like logical and critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.  It’s a gradual learning process where qualities like rigor, perseverance, observation and understanding is developed for a better problem solving mindset and aptitude.


  • Exposure to world Class competition on Global standards
  • International Recognition at a Global competition.
  • Post Competition review mechanism will help identify strengths and areas of improvement
  • Gradual learning process due to exposure and learning tools.
  • Improvement in academic performance at school
  • Building Stronger foundation for higher studies
  • Develop top competencies of the future – Higher order thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Competition includes application and Real world or Real-life use cases of Math.
  • Develops beliefs, values, and personality.

Difference between GJMAT and GJMOC

GJMAT is an open International Assessment and contest to test students’ conceptual clarity, ability to apply them and solve problems.  All students of GJMAT will get different scholarships (discounts) towards the registration fees of GJMOC based on their performance in GJMAT.

GJMOC is a more challenging Open International competition which stretches the student on their critical thinking in problem solving scenarios.  This is not a second round of GJMAT and therefore anyone and everyone can apply but GJMAT winners and participants can get scholarship discounts towards GJMOC registration fees based on their GJMAT performance.  Top 50% students from GJMOC will get medals and certificates and the remaining 50% will get Merit Certificate.  Global Top rank winners and perfect scorers will get trophies and 100% scholarship towards participation of GJMAT and GJMOC Next year.  Additionally, students from India will get full waiver of registration fee of AIMO Trial round for the next year.


Basic Details:

  • For Grade 1 to Grade 10
  • Contest Date: February 15-16, 2025 (Phase 1), April 26-27, 2025  (Phase 2)(For India)
  • **Flexibility of appearing in any of the 4 time slots (Morning and evening) across the two days **
  • Contest Mode: Online from home under remote proctoring
  • Last Date of Registrations: Till January, 2025 (For Feb Exam), April 13, 2025 (For April Exam)
  • Contest Fees: INR 1200. This discounted fee is applicable for students from India. Fees for international students will be decided by their country secretariats (country partners). 
  • Results will be declared within 2-3 weeks after each phase for India.  Awards based minimum cut-off scores for each award category (shared below).
  • Learning and Preparation Support: Access to Sample and Past papers of the compeition and other similar competitions.
  • Rewards and Motivation: Scholarships (disounts) for students towards registration fees of GJMOC depending on GJMAT performance.
  • Assessment of performance for Improvement: We will be also providing the access to post contest review access to students with solutions for identifying areas of improvement and self-learning.


Basic Details:

  • For Grade 1 to Grade 10
  • Contest Date: June 28-29, 2025 . Ample flexibility will be given on the time slots.
  • Contest Mode: Online from home under remote proctoring
  • Registrations for GJMOC for eligible students to Open in May 2024 onwards after GJMAT round Phase 2 Results are out in May 2024.
  • Last Date of Registrations: 15 June, 2025
  • Contest Fees: INR 4000 but global top rankers and awardees will get disocunts varying from 100% to 25%. This discounted fee is applicable for students from India. Fees for international students will be decided by their country secretariats (country partners).
  • Access to our free training webinars over a few weekends on problem solving in Math.
  • Medals, Certificates, Trophies, and scholarship (disocunts and waivers for next year competiions) awards  to be won.
  • Online Reward Ceremony for Recognition along with top global peers
  • Top award winners from India will also get scholarship as waiver for some competitions country level round for next year.

Assessment of performance for Improvement: We will be also providing the access to post contest review access to students with solutions for identifying areas of improvement and self-learning.



Grade 1 – Grade 10 (Current academic Year of 2024-25)


Online from Home (Remotely proctored on webcam).


GJMAT on 15-16 February, 2025 and April 26-27, 2025.
GJMOC on 28-29 June 2025.


    • Parents/Students as Individual (private) candidates.


    • School Representatives on behalf of the school students.


    • International students Click Here to check if we have partnership in your country and your country co-ordinator organization details.


Last Date of Registration for GJMAT (Country level round):  Till January, 2025 and April 13, 2025.

Fees: INR 1200 per participant (student). Discounts available on multiple competitions or multiple entries. This fee is applicable for students from India. Fees for international students will be decided by their country secretariats (country partners)

Fees include: Access to some sample and papers and answer keys as downloadable soft copies.

Online exam login credentials, schedule and exam instructions will be provided by email after registrations close one week before the exam.

Registration for GJMAT (Country level round) through G.O.A. is open only for students from India.

Registrations for GJMOC for eligible students to Open by May 2025 onwards after GJMAT round Results are out in May 2025. All students from India to register directly on the website. International students to register through the country secretariat/partner.

Please treat GJMAT and GJMOC as two separate competitions although scholarship fees eligibility for GJMOC is through GJMAT. Students who have not given GJMAT can also register directly for GJMOC by paying full fees once the registrations for GJMOC Opens in May 2025 on our website. The registration fee for GJMOC is much more than GJMAT as the finals has lot of features like Trophies, Medals and other awards like scholarships and disocunts towards some competitions for the next year.


Click on country partner for their website and more contact details

How to Prepare for the Olympiad

  • You will receive some past papers access with answer keys on registration for many Olympiads.  This will be assigned as a course to you under the “My Courses” section of this website when you login to you account.
  • You may also join our Online Math Enrichment Training available if you are from Grade 1 to 8. Explore our Math Enrichment training page.
  • You may also visit our e-book partner, SAP’s page on our website and use our exclusive discount code available at our SAP e-books Page.
  • Use the other international competitions past papers to prepare as well given through our google drive link in the order email.
  • Attend our webinars on YouTube or Facebook Live and signup for notification emails.


  • Number of Questions: 25

3 Sections

  • Concept Understanding: 10 qs ; 2 marks per qs
  • Application Ability: 10 qs; 4 marks per qs
  • Problem solving: 5 qs, 8 marks each
  • Total maximum possible marks: 100 . No negative marking
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • Qs format: MCQs (Multiple choice single correct answer)
  • Language of Qs Paper: English


  • No. of Questions: 25
  • All qs will require critical thinking for problem solving and will carry 4 marks each.
  • Total maximum possible marks: 100 . No negative marking
  • Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Qs Format: Open ended (only answer to be entered, working or solution is not required)
  • Language of Qs Paper: English


  1. Certificates and medals (for India)  to participants with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to students achaieving the minimum cut-off scores as shown in the table below.  Remaining students to get merit e-certificates.
  2. Perfect Scorers to get special award.
  3. Different Scholarships (different discounts for award winners and participants) towards registration fees of GJMOC (Global Junior Math Online Competition) as shown below.

Awards category of GJMAT Scholarship towards GJMOC:

All Students from GJMAT will get scholarship towards the registration fees (INR 4000) of GJMOC based on their award category which is decided on Country (National) ranks and percentile.

  • Prefect Scorer – Full Scholarship (Free)
  • Gold Award – 75% off – INR 3000 off – Effective fees INR 1000.
  • Silver Award – 50% off – INR 2000 off – Effective fees INR 2000.
  • Bronze Award – 25% off – INR 1000 off – Effective fees INR 3000.
  • Merit Award  – 12.5% off – INR 500 off – Effective fees INR 3500.
  • Participants who did not take GJMAT will need to pay full fees to participate in GJMOC



Top 3 positions for each Grade will get Champion, 1st runner up and 2nd Runner up trophies.

Perfect Scorers to get additional trophies.

Scholarship Rewards:

Top 3 ranks to get GJMAT and GJMOC Fee waiver for next year’s registrations. Grade 10 students, who wont be eligible for GJMAT and GJMOC Next year to get gift certificates worth USD 50 from Math learning websites like AOPs etc.

Additionally, the Top 3 students if from India will also get some scholarship in the form of some waivers and discounts towards participation in country level round of AIMO (AIMO Trials) conducted by us.

Medals and Certificates:
Top 50% students will get medals and certificates. Top 10% will get Gold, next 15% Silver and next 25% Bronze medals. Remaining 50% will get Merit certificate. All these awards will be as per Global rankings.


All partiapants to get a small surprise souvenir gift next year.

Global Olympiads Academy

In these times of exponential technological advances across the globes and high competition, quality education has become the need of the hour. Focus should be on shaping the young minds to develop Critical, logical and analytical thinking known as Higher order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.s). These are going to be the crucial competencies for the future for the millennials.


Igniting the interest and removing the fear towards Mathematics and problem solving within our students in India. We bring International Exposure for self-analysis and motivation in form of world class global contests and learning events. We also bring the best of online learning resources for exercising and strengthening their interest in studies to improve their knowledge and intellect. This is required to equip them for the highly sought after 21st century competencies like real world problem solving and critical thinking.

International Contests Exposure: Providing best of academic and cultural exposure from the globe by bringing on-going international world class mathematical and other educational Olympiads meant for training and testing students’ problem-solving skills, as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). We recognise the vast pool of talented and intellectual students present in our country and are excited to be able to challenge them with different International competitions and opportunities.




Self Learning Resources

Online Trainings


Self Paced Online Courses


Watch this space for updates.


The best Math Olympiad books available at discounted rates through our partnership with SAP.


Global Olympiads Academy brings a Math Enrichment program for younger kids (grade 1 to grade 8) for International Olympiads (AMC, AIMO, TIMO, WMI, HKIMO, SEAMO,PIMSO,AMC 8, Gauss, etc.)  The program will help the students strengthen their fundamentals, application and problem-solving skills and their overall higher order thinking skills like logical and analytical thinking.  This course with Global standards (inspired by Common Core, Singapore Math and Indian NCERT curriculum) will not help students overcome fear with Math but would inculcate ownership, rigour and perseverance and most importantly liking for the Math. This will help them improve their academic performance in school and definitely in any competitive exam and lay a strong foundation for preparation of entrance exams in future.

Learning Groups (Batches)

  • Lower Primary (LP – Grade 1 to Grade 2)
  • Middle Primary ( MP – Grade 3 & 4)
  • Upper Primary (UP – Grade 5 & 6)
  • Lower Secondary (Middle School – Grade 7 & 8)