About ISMC?

There is great enthusiasm among Primary students to compete in mathematics competitions. This is an extremely good sign for the progress of mathematics education. However, most mathematics competitions seem to be testing students’ knowledge beyond the school syllabus and exposing what the students cannot do while a mathematics competition should actually be a platform to reveal what students can do!

ISMC aims to encourage the young students to compete at the international level. It also helps to identify best talents among students. Its syllabus is mainly common with the Singapore Maths (Primary) syllabus. Thus, students can take part in ISMC
without advanced beyond-the-grade-level knowledge and marathon of special training trying to learn in hours all topics which are new and unfamiliar to them.

Objectives for organising the International Singapore Maths Competition:

  • To create excitement and enthusiasm in Mathematics among Primary school students through a competition that is of a high standard.
  • To provide deserving students with a prestigious achievement record for their portfolio.
  • To introduce to the educational arena a mathematical competition that allowsstudents to use calculator, in keeping with the current educational trend, for Primary 5 and Primary 6.
  • To release enrichment Mathematics resources to the Primary schools which they could use to engage particular pupils or the student body at large.

ISMC 2019 Registration for Primary 2 up to Primary 6 is Now Open!

Registration Details

Eligibility: Any Students of Grades 2 to 6 (as per academic year 2019-20).

At our centres 3rd / 4th Saturday of  June 2020.

Location: Pinnacle High Intl. School, Malad, Mumbai (or your Own school if your school is conducting it.)

Registration last date: 31st May 2020

Who should apply: Open for Mumbai primary grades Students (Other regions students who are willing to travel to Mumbai may apply). Schools from other regions of India can also apply if they are willing to conduct the contest for their students.

Registration Fees:

  • For Private Students: Rs.1200 per student.  Registrations Closed Now for this Year.
  • For School Registrations: Rs. 1000 (discounted Sale price for schools) per student.

Schools need to write to us first at info@globalolympiadsacademy with their expression of interest for more details and registration details.

Register NOW ONLINE:

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Contest Format 

The competition is an individual written test. It is held at the student’s own school or a centre, to be administered by the assigned person(s) in charge.

Format is uniform across the levels.

  • 25 questions (non-routine)
  • Free-response (non MCQ, working is not to be marked)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Questions are arranged in a way that the first ones are the easier ones, then the level of difficulty gradually increases so that the last questions are the more difficult ones.
  • 2 marks each are contained by Questions 1-10, 4 marks each by Questions 11- 20, and 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 marks each by Questions 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 respectively, making a full score of 100.
  • If a participant leaves a question unanswered, that question will be marked ‘0’. There is no penalty/deduction for wrong answer.

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Contest Syllabus

International Olympiads Online training is now available for all Olympiads. Click here to learn more.

Awards & Qualifications

  • Gold Award Certificates shall be awarded to the top 5% of the participants.
  • Silver Award Certificates shall be awarded to the next 10% of the participants.
  • Bronze Award Certificates shall be awarded to the next 15% of the participants.
  • All other participants shall be awarded Certificate of Participation.
  • Schools shall be ranked according to the tally of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, in that order, obtained by their pupils. The top school shall receive a trophy.


For further details visit http://www.ismc.sg/resources

International Olympiads Online training is now available for all Olympiads. Click here to learn more.

About ISMC Team

All of the ISMC papers are developed by an international expert team of test constructors. We are experienced education professionals with combination of a passion for quality assessment and an understanding of complexity of delivering the subject matters in the classroom day to day.