|GJMAT 2021-22 Phase-II registration is open for students of Grade 1 to 8 from India. Online competition exam on 27th February 2022. It is only for those students who did not take GJMAT phase I. If any student takes both phases, then the lower score will be considered for ranking and awards. Registration last date is 20th February 2022. Register now at www.globalolympiadsacademy.com|GJMAT for India is happening for 15th & 16th January. Invitation for registration will be sent on 14th January.|TIMO 2021-2022 final Registration is Open. Eligible student please check your mail. Link has been shared. Mail has been sent to your mail-id. Hurry-Up and Register.|PIMSO International Finals (Math and Science) Marks are Declared.|GJMAT 2021-22 Registration Date Extended Till 9th January 2022. Hurry Up and Register.|PIMSO International Finals (Math and Science) which is being held this Sunday 12th Dec, all details and login credentials are sent by email just now. Timings for Math is from 9:30 am reporting on zoom and exam starts at 10:00 am. Timings for Science is reporting at 1:30 pm on zoom and exam starts at 02:00 pm|TIMO 2021-22 Heats round is taking place on 27th and 28th Nov 2021. Registered students have been sent the login credentials and exam instructions.|HKIMO 2020-21 Finals results will be declared in the Online awarding ceremony to be held on 3rd October 2021, Sunday. Timing and You tube link will be shared shortly with all finalists by email.|SEAMO exam is scheduled for 25th or 26th Sept. Registered students please check your hall ticket for your time slot (given in Indian Standard Time) and login to SEAMO website to take the exam from there. A detailed email has been sent also to all students. All the best!|PIMSO – Maths and Science International Finals round registrations Open now. Contest will be held online on Dec 12, 2021. Last date of registration is 31st October 2021. Invite with all details has been emailed to all eligible students who qualified by winning Gold/Silver/Bronze/Achiever Awards.|HKIMO 2020-21 Finals login details sent by email to all registered students today. Please check spam folder a well. Finals scheduled on 29th August 2021.|WMI – Online Award Ceremony|HKISO and HKICO Finals Online awarding ceremony tomorrow 25th July on YouTube Live at 4:30 PM IST.|GJMAT & GJMOC|JMC – Junior Mathletics Club|Registration for all International competitions for 2021-22 starts soon by end of July 2021|AIMO 2021 Finals to take place on Sunday 1st August 2021 – Login Details have been sent on 23rd July 2021 to all participants|HKIMO 2020-21 Finals Registration Closes Soon on 18th July 2021|WMI 2021 Finals Schedule
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Hong Kong International Science Olympiad (HKISO) is an International Science Competition held annually around the world. It consists of 4 main categories: Physics, Biology, Chemistry & Integrated Science.

HKISO is for students from Grade 2 to Grade 12. It follows closely with Hong Kong School Science Syllabus and tests what students have learned on their level of content. This allows participants to well-prepare in different categories to know their strengths and weakness for preparation.

Winners from HKISO Heat Round can have a chance to work with participants from different regions to try out some experiments altogether in Singapore OR Hong Kong alternatively.



Grade 2 to Grade 12 (as of the academic year 2020-21)


Online from home (not from an examination Centre). On desktop/laptop only with a webcam for remote proctoring.


Competition date: 21st November, 2021

Registrations are Open Now. Online Registrations Only.

Last Date of Registration: October 31, 2021.

Fees: INR 1500 per participant (student) for Heats round only. Discounts available on multiple competitions or multiple entries.

Fees include: Access to past papers and answer keys as downloadable soft copies. For more resources details are given below.

Online exam login credentials, schedule and exam instructions will be provided by email after registrations close one week before the exam.

Mini Experiment

All Students, who participate in HKISO Heats round can also participate in the HKISO Mini Experiment competition without any additional fees which is optional. The Topic of the project will be declared later by Sep – Oct, 2021. You need to record a mini experiment of 3-5 minutes and upload the video on YouTube and share the link for the jury.
The last date of submission of mini project will be by end of November, 2021.
For details on the Mini experiment topic, format, awarding criteria and online submission, please refer to HKISO website
The results of the Mini Experiment will be declared separately with HKISO finals announced results.

Online exam login credentials, schedule and exam instructions will be provided by email after registrations close one week before the exam.

Registration for finals has to be done separately by qualifying students from HKISO Heats round. Please note that HKISO finals will take place outside India or it might be conducted online due to pandemic situation next year.

Registration through G.O.A. is open only for students from India.

How to Prepare for the Olympiad

  • You will receive some past papers access with answer keys on registration.
  • You may explore our e-books section also given above.
  • You may also explore the other competitions and their sample papers for more practice.
  • For more downloadable past papers, please visit organizer OCEC’S online store
  • Check out other recommended learning websites by us. (Click here to explore)


(Heat Round)

Students from Grade 2 to Grade 12 (Academic year 2021 – 22)

  • 10 groups in total
  • P2 – P6 corresponds to grade 2 to 6
  • S1- S3 corresponds to grade 7 to 9
  • SS corresponds to grade 10 -12 (One group)

Contest Time

  • 60 Minutes

Exam Format

  • No. of questions – 20
  • Type of questions – MCQ
  • 4 Marks for each questions
  • Negative marking for wrong answer
  • Language: In English

Mini Experiment Details

Please note: Students participating in the HKISO Heats round can also participate in the Mini Experiment without any additional fees. Click here for details and participation after heats round.

Video Structure:

  • Within 3 to 5 minutes
  • Uploaded on the Youtube

Marking Scheme:
A. Scientific Knowledge (40%)

  • To elaborate the scientific concept clearly
  • To provide accurate content in FULL angles of views with strong supporting evidence

B. Creativity (30%)

  • To create the presentation in an interesting, attractive, innovative way
  • For visual stimulation

C. Presentation Skills (30%)

  • To represent the idea clearly
  • To well-organize the presentation in order
  • To represent in fluent English


(Final Round)

Only for registered students to qualify for finals through  HKISO trial round (Gold, Silver, Bronze awards winner in trial round who register for finals).

Students from Grade 2 to Grade 12 (Academic year 2021 – 22)

  • 10 groups in total
  • P2 – P6 corresponds to grade 2 to 6
  • S1- S3 corresponds to grade 7 to 9
  • SS corresponds to grade 10 -12 (One group)

Contest Time

  • 90 Minutes

Exam Format

  • No. of questions – 24
  • Type of questions – MCQ
  • 3 Marks for each questions
  • Negative marking for wrong answer
  • Language: In English 
  • P2 – P6 corresponds to grade 2 to 6
  • S1- S3 corresponds to grade 7 to 9
  • SS corresponds to grade 10 -12 (One group)


(For Heats & Final Round)

For both heats round and finals the following awards are applicable.

  • The Champion Trophy Certificate & Medal (Global )
  • 1st Runner-up Trophy Certificate & Medal (Global)
  • 2nd Runner-up Trophy Certificate & Medal (Global)

For Heats round the following awards will be on percentile basis from each group from their respective countries and for finals it will be on percentile basis as per global performance.

  • Gold Award Certificate & Medal (Top 8%)
  • Silver Award Certificate & Medal (Next 16%)
  • Bronze Award Certificate & Medal (Next 24%)
  • Merit Award Certificate (Students who score above minimum expected levels)
  • Participation Certificate

Only HKISO Heat award (Gold, Silver & Bronze only) winners will be eligible to apply for HKISO Finals.

Please note that a separate registration fees is to be paid for participating in finals. Those who not participate in finals will receive heats awards.

*If the same score case happened, HKISO will consider the winner’s date of birth. The younger winner will be ranked higher.


(For Mini Experiment)

All participants of HKISO heats round are invited and encourage to participate in the mini project competition although it is optional and doesn’t impact the heats and final results. The following awards are there for mini project. Visit HKICO website to know more

  • The Champion Trophy Certificate
  • 1st Runner-up Trophy Certificate
  • 2nd Runner-up Trophy Certificate
  • Gold Award Trophy Certificate
  • Silver Award Trophy Certificate
  • Bronze Award Trophy Certificate
  • Merit Award Certificate

*For BOTH Heat & Final Round, the result for Mini Experiment and Mini Project WILL NOT affect the contest results.


Hong Kong International Science Olympiad, HKISO is organized by Olympiad Champion Education Centre from Hong Kong, a registered educational center listed on Education Bureau of Hong Kong (EDB Reg No: 598 216) to provide Science Olympiad classes in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lai Chun Yin, the former Gold winner from Hong Kong Physics Olympiad in 2017, gold winner in MATHEMATICS & PHYSICS in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition in 2018, is also a former IMO winner.

To inspire curiosity and an attitude of discovery, to promote the understanding that progress has been happening in scientific fields for centuries, to encourage the integration of ideas and subjects, to encourage truth-seeking, to allow students to study important scientists who asked good questions and worked towards good answers.




Self Learning Resources

Online Trainings


Self Paced Online Courses


Watch this space for updates.


The best Math Olympiad books available at discounted rates through our partnership with SAP.


Global Olympiads Academy brings a Math Enrichment program for younger kids (grade 1 to grade 8) for International Olympiads (AMC, AIMO, TIMO, WMI, HKIMO, SEAMO,PIMSO,AMC 8, Gauss, etc.)  The program will help the students strengthen their fundamentals, application and problem-solving skills and their overall higher order thinking skills like logical and analytical thinking.  This course with Global standards (inspired by Common Core, Singapore Math and Indian NCERT curriculum) will not help students overcome fear with Math but would inculcate ownership, rigour and perseverance and most importantly liking for the Math. This will help them improve their academic performance in school and definitely in any competitive exam and lay a strong foundation for preparation of entrance exams in future.

Learning Groups (Batches)

  • Lower Primary (LP – Grade 1 to Grade 2)
  • Middle Primary ( MP – Grade 3 & 4)
  • Upper Primary (UP – Grade 5 & 6)
  • Lower Secondary (Middle School – Grade 7 & 8)