Global Mathlympics Olympiad (GMO) is prestigious Math Olympiad competition invites students globally to compete in a concept competition that poses carefully curated questions on arithmetic, number theory, combinatorics, logic, geometry, measures and measurement, and algebra.

All questions draw on the overarching theme of Visual-Spatial Cognition within the content areas of:

  • Fractions, Percentage, Ratio in 2D figures, 3D solids
  • Area, Perimeter and Volume
  • 2D & 3D Perspectives
  • Symmetry, Rotation of 2D figures and 3D solids
  • Nets
  • Area, Perimeter of Circles
  • Angles Properties (including Circles)
  • Measures and Measurement
  • Rate and Speed



Grade 7 to Grade 7
(as per academic year 2023-24)


  • Online from home (Zoom) – Regional Round
  • Singapore – Global Round
  • WHEN

    Regional Round :  January 28, 2024 Indian Time 11AM (GMT +5.5)
    Global Round :  June, 2024

    Registrations are Open Now for Trial Rounds (Country Level Rounds). Online Registrations Only.

    Last Date of Registration: January 7, 2024.

    Fees: INR 2000 per participant (student). Discounts available on multiple competitions or multiple entries.

    Fees include: Access to some past papers and answer keys as downloadable soft copies.

    Registration through G.O.A. is open only for students in India or Indian students with a valid Indian address.

    Students who get Gold/Silver/Bronze honours may then apply for GMC Finals held in a different country by paying an additional registration fee.  Please treat GMC Finals as a separate competition as it might require travel and even if held online, the registration fees is much higher.

    How to Prepare for the Olympiad

    • You will receive some past papers access with answer keys on registration for many Olympiads.  This will be assigned as a course to you under the “My Courses” section of this website when you login to you account.
    • You may also join our Online Training available if you are from Grade 1 to 8 (Explore our training page).
    • You may explore our e-books section also.
    • You may also explore the other competitions and their sample papers for more practice.
    • Check our YouTube Channel (Click here to explore) and compiled playlists there.
    • Check out other recommended learning websites by us. (Click here to explore)


    (Regional Round)

    Students from Grade 4 to Grade 7 (Academic year 2023 – 2024)

    Contest Time

    • 120 Minutes

    Exam Format

    • Q1 to Q10: 2 marks each (1-2 Bonus marks will be given for 9-10 correct answers respectively)
    • Q11 to Q20: 4 marks each (3-5 Bonus marks will be given for 8-10 correct answers respectively)
    • Q21 to Q28: 5 marks each (5-7 Bonus marks will be given for 6-8 correct answers respectively)
    • Total 28 questions, 100 marks
    • Language: In English

    Contest will be held online


    • *** You will get access to some more past papers on registration for this competition and other similar competitions if available***


    (Regional Round)

    • Gold / Silver / Bronze medals will be awarded to top students.
    • All participants will receive a certificate of particiation.




    Self Learning Resources

    Online Trainings


    Self Paced Online Courses


    Watch this space for updates.


    The best Math Olympiad books available at discounted rates through our partnership with SAP.


    Global Olympiads Academy brings a Math Enrichment program for younger kids (grade 1 to grade 8) for International Olympiads (AMC, AIMO, TIMO, WMI, HKIMO, SEAMO,PIMSO,AMC 8, Gauss, etc.)  The program will help the students strengthen their fundamentals, application and problem-solving skills and their overall higher order thinking skills like logical and analytical thinking.  This course with Global standards (inspired by Common Core, Singapore Math and Indian NCERT curriculum) will not help students overcome fear with Math but would inculcate ownership, rigour and perseverance and most importantly liking for the Math. This will help them improve their academic performance in school and definitely in any competitive exam and lay a strong foundation for preparation of entrance exams in future.

    Learning Groups (Batches)

    • Lower Primary (LP – Grade 1 to Grade 2)
    • Middle Primary ( MP – Grade 3 & 4)
    • Upper Primary (UP – Grade 5 & 6)
    • Lower Secondary (Middle School – Grade 7 & 8)