My sons Decllan and Dashiell Rodrigues has been training under Mr. Debraj. They have also participated in various International Math Olympiads. Mr. Debraj is a very good teacher and has a lot of patience with his students. The training imparted by Global Olympiad Academy have really helped in honing their math skills. They are also doing well in their school Math and other subjects.

Parents of Decllan Rodrigues

GOA helped my son to grow interst and love for Mathematics. After becoming IJMO 2nd runner up for Grade 2 in 2017 there was no stopping or looking back for my son. He became very keen to solve non routine problems and aspires for more challenges.

By far I believe AIMO is the most qualitative exam that GoA offers although there are more popular ones like TIMO/WIMO or SASMO/VANDA/IJMO/SIMOC

Shriya Nayak

Mother of Shlok Banerjee

I have been following Global Olympiads Academy for the last two years. I am grateful to GOA in general and Debraj sir in particular, for introducing my kid to the bunch of really world class mathematical competitions. The practice of questions of these competitions and participation there , has really created a sense of love for mathematics in my ward. The questions are really logical based requiring analytical bent of mind instead of lot of calculations. The Math competitions like AIMO,ISMC,SEAMO,WMI, HKIMO really benefits kids in long term and gradually prepare them for the real Olympiads RMO, INMO and IMO. The questions are interesting requiring real grey cells, unlike many so called Math Olympiads which put stress only on calculations. The discussion and support of Debraj sir on Whatsapp is also impressive and inspiring. I thank GOA team from the core of my heart, for helping me to imbibe in my ward, the much needed interest in the beauty of Mathematics.

AIMO has been my kid’s favorite competition. There are questions of different difficulty level but they are quite different from those in school text books. The questions are interesting and require REAL logical and analytical bent of brain. SEAMO and HKIMO are the other favourite competitions.

Tarak Nath Das

Father of Trisanu Das

Global Olympiads Academy is a literally a blessing to students from India. The opportunity to take part in world class Olympiads from India was lacking till GOA started its initiative.

These Olympiads will definitely help Indian students get good exposure to international level competitions and standards.

GOA’s training has helped my daughter immensely. She says that Debraj’s approach of understanding the concept rather than just solving a problem is the key factor that has helped her perform better in the exams. I will highly recommend GOA training to any student who is looking to take their understanding of concepts in Maths to the next level.

Joseph Chacko

Father of Sanjana Philo Chacko

Sheena Merchant

Global olympaid academy has made it firstly very easy for kids to give a variety of exams , on a whole it gives you a choice as to which exams your child would be interested in and on the basis of their performance one can decide what to go for after that . It’s easy and simple to understand and a very organised platform . Giving access to past yr papers brings a lot of knowledge to the child . They can know what to expect and how to go about solving the papers . It’s a very different experience compared to the regular school exams . The content is vast and there is lots you can learn .

In my case my son enjoyed all the exams SASMO, TIMO and SIMOC . However he found SIMOC very exciting due to the 2 additional rounds i.e the Maths Master Mind and the Mind Sport event as he got to interact with children from other countries and share views , solve problems together, learn to work in a team and how to arrive at a singe solution as a team , which was a very new experience for him and he really was excited during the entire event . It was altogether a very different experience.

Mother of Aarav Dsouza, Mumbai, grade 3