GJMAT is an open International Assessment and contest to test students’ conceptual clarity, ability to apply them and solve problems.

GJMOC is a more challenging Open International competition which stretches the student on their critical thinking in problem solving scenarios.

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GJMAT is an Online International Mathematical aptitude assessment and competition for talent hunt for primary and middle school students.

GJMOC is a more challenging Open International competition which stretches the student on their critical thinking in problem solving scenarios.

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About Us

In these times of exponential technological advances across the globes and high competition, quality education has become the need of the hour. Focus should be on shaping the young minds to develop Critical, logical and analytical thinking known as Higher order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.s). These are going to be the crucial competencies for the future for the millennials.

Providing best of academic and cultural exposure from the globe by bringing on-going international world class mathematical and other educational Olympiads meant for training and testing students’ problem-solving skills, as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). We recognize the vast pool of talented and intellectual students present in our country and are excited to be able to challenge them with different International competitions and opportunities.

Our Mission & Vision

Igniting the interest and removing the fear towards Mathematics and problem solving within our students in India. We bring International Exposure for self-analysis and motivation in form of world class global contests and learning events. We also bring the best of online learning resources for exercising and strengthening their interest in studies to improve their knowledge and intellect. This is required to equip them for the highly sought after 21st century competencies like real world problem solving and critical thinking.

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Our Founder

Global Olympiads Academy is committed towards quality global mathematics education in the foundation years of Indian students through exposure of interesting yet challenging International competitions, learning resources and online training. We believe that Math helps children develop logical and critical thinking, problem solving mindset, creativity, rigor and perseverance which are required for the 21st century generation citizens of tomorrow.

Debraj Chakravarty

Founder - Global Olympiads Academy

Albert Einstein

“Education is not the learning of Facts, But Training the Mind to Think.”


What Parents are Saying

“Global olympaid academy has made it firstly very easy for kids to give a variety of exams , on a whole it gives you a choice as to which exams your child would be interested in and on the basis of their performance one can decide what to go for after that . It’s easy and simple to understand and a very organised platform . Giving access to past yr papers brings a lot of knowledge to the child . They can know what to expect and how to go about solving the papers . It’s a very different experience compared to the regular school exams . The content is vast and there is lots you can learn .”

Sheena Merchant - Mother

“I have been following Global Olympiads Academy for the last two years. I am grateful to GOA in general and Debraj sir in particular, for introducing my kid to the bunch of really world class mathematical competitions. The practice of questions of these competitions and participation there , has really created a sense of love for mathematics in my ward. The questions are really logical based requiring analytical bent of mind instead of lot of calculations. The Math competitions like AIMO,ISMC,SEAMO,WMI, HKIMO really benefits kids in long term and gradually prepare them for the real Olympiads RMO, INMO and IMO.

Tarak Nath Das, Father

“GOA helped my son to grow interst and love for Mathematics. After becoming IJMO 2nd runner up for Grade 2 in 2017 there was no stopping or looking back for my son. He became very keen to solve non routine problems and aspires for more challenges.By far I believe AIMO is the most qualitative exam that GoA offers although there are more popular ones like TIMO/WIMO or SASMO/VANDA/IJMO/SIMOC”

Shriya Nayak - Mother


Latest Developments

JMC – Junior Mathletics Club

JMC – Junior Mathletics Club

Join our Junior Mathletics Club for interactive online math training for international Olympiads. Registrations open for grade 1 to 8. Click here to know more.

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WMI 2021 Finals Schedule

WMI 2021 Finals Schedule

WMI 2021 finals is taking place on Sunday, 18th July 2021. All registered students should have received emails with their login credentials and exam instructions.

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