School Registrations

  • Select the competition in which you want to register your school’s students.
  • Kindly download the student information sheet available in the School Resources section and fill in all student data.
  • Select the number of students in the number field below.
  • During checkout schools will automatically avail a discount towards Admin fee for registrations for any contest and conducting some of the contests.
  • After completing the order process, email the student data sheet to with the order number in the subject field.
  • Please note the SASMO and VANDA are offline contests and Schools need to conduct it for their own students after we provide them the Qs and Answer papers otherwise they can refer the students to register themselves online as individual students and pay the fees as per that category. This option for only registrations is available for Mumbai students only else please communicate that in absence of a local centre students might have to travel to Mumbai for the contests.  In such cases schools can share a their referral discount code SCHREF100 which will enable the students to get ₹ 100 off on their individual order price and schools will get a referral payout later ₹ 50. 
  • Mumbai schools who want to register their students themselves but want to send the students for the contest to a centre need to pay us ₹1300 per student (₹1500 individual fee minus discount of 100 for student and ₹100 admin fee for school) for SASMO and VANDA.
  • Schools are also invited to host SASMO and VANDA for other students also on the weekends of April 13-14, 20-21 (SASMO) and April 27-28 (VANDA) in all locations.   Schools will be reimbursed appropriate admin expenses per student for hosting and organizing the contests for private students and they need to provide examination infrastructure and manpower for proctoring.
  • In the absence of centres for private students in other locations, SASMO and VANDA centres will be in MUMBAI for private students and for schools registered students in their respective schools for all locations.