School Resources

Registration Resources

  1. School Participation Request Form (This form is to add the school name, address, coordinator’s name and contact details in the SEAMO system. You can also send these details in the body of the email.)
  2. Student Registration Form (This form can be used to collect consent for registrations from individual students of your school.)
  3. Consolidated Students Registration Details (This needs to be emailed to along with the School Participation Request Form.)

Other Competetions

Invitation letter to schools Download Now

School registration form (to be attached with the online application): The details of the students participating should be collated and sent to us in the attached format. Download Now

Parents Circular/invitation format for school: You may us the attached circular or use part of it to cascade the information to parents and students. Download Now

Contest registration and organizing instructions: This is the guidelines document for all stages of the competition for the teacher in charge. We recommend that this is kept handy as a ready reckoner. Download Now

Intl olympiads planner document: Schedule of contests in this year. Download Now


Click on the poster to download them. Or Click here to download all of them as a .zip file.